How my apprenticeship gave me valuable experience and real insight to my chosen career

Tell us about yourself:  My name is Jack Ward, I’m 31 and from Hebden Bridge in West Yorkshire. I have been with Pearson on and off for the last 6 years in various Customer Service teams but recently my role developed into something more creative, so I was given the opportunity to complete the Level 3 Junior Content Producer Apprenticeship.

Please describe your apprenticeship experience: As this was something new for me, I found the beginning of the apprenticeship quite a steep learning curve. I started midway through a project and had to learn very quickly how to use the various programs and hardware. This put me behind from the start, so I had to work hard to not fall any further behind.

How has the apprenticeship built your skills?   I have learnt so many different skills from this course, photography, videography, how to manage people, video editing, storyboarding, most of the Adobe Creative Suite, and some other less exciting, but still important stuff, like how to do risk assessments and maintain equipment.

All in all, I’d say the course gives a good overview of each area of content production and is a great introduction to it. It has inspired me to learn more and possibly study at a higher level in the future to again strengthen my skill set.

How do you think the apprenticeship will help progress your career? I have already had quite a few opportunities come my way from teams within Pearson who needed content making for them, as they knew I had done this programme.

In terms of progressing my job role, the apprenticeship has given me the springboard I needed to move into a content production role, whilst broadening my network internally and allowing me to consider new options that were not available to me before.

Would you consider recommending apprenticeships to others? why?  I would most definitely recommend apprenticeships to others; I think now they are a better way into certain jobs than a degree. As you learn whilst gaining work experience, you come out the other end with real world skills that can be immediately applied, which is what a lot of companies now value. 

Apprenticeships are also way more accessible as companies have funding they have to use to take on and train apprentices, whereas with a degree it will cost you a ridiculous sum of money and there is no guarantee of a job at the end, the only thing you can be sure of is a mountain of debt!